RedpoleQ’s Asia Hang Suite – Session 20

I sat down with McConnell, our resident fashion consultant and web maestro and SMOOOOOOVE, a special guest from the PickUp Asia Alumni crew to talk about what it means to be attractive and McConnell and I shared our Japanese sex club adventures (separate adventures, thank god!) PLUS:

  • how important is height? From a guy who is 168cm (5’6″)
  • the downsides of being an attractive guy–yes, there are downsides!
  • You don’t need excuses…you need to get out there and try
  • Sleeping Beauty–the adult Disney land, complete with costumes
  • How to introduce kink to your girlfriend without her flipping out
  • and a whole lot more…

Mentioned in This Episode:

King Kunta

Red Bull Table

Sleeping Beauty

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RedpoleQ’s Asia Hang Suite – Session 19

I sat down with McConnell, our resident fashion consultant and web maestro and a special guest from the PickUp Asia Alumni crew to talk about money matters in dating and dealing with jealousy plus:

  • traveling while dating—is out of sight out of mind?
  • how to keep dating cheap when you’re broke
  • cougar hunting for fun and profit
  • tales from the bloody trenches by Mr. Ballz Deep aka the MILF hunter
  • how to use (fake) jealousy to keep your relationship strong
  • how you can beat out the competition to get and keep your perfect 10
  • and a whole lot more…

Mentioned in This Episode:

Chris Smoove!

PIMP Bradley

7 Habits of Highly Effective People

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How to Run Game Solo

If you’re out solo gaming, here are your best strategies.

1) Mixed 3-set

Find a mixed 3-set (2 girls and one guy) and take the girl that he’s ignoring.  Most guys always focus in on the girl they like leaving the 2nd girl really bored, so she’ll generally be really happy to have someone to talk to.  Sometimes guys can be hostile, especially if you’re foreign and the guy is local.

If he’s another foreigner though, he will usually be quite happy to have you there to handle the friend because he recognizes that this will make it much easier for him.

In this case, it’s really important that you communicate with him what your strategy is because a lot of times they won’t have one at all so you need to fill him in on what it is you’re trying to do.

For example, you can tell him that you want to take your girl to the bar, or go outside and that you’ll be back with your girl shortly.  You will really need to direct the whole set and you should keep an ear out for what he’s doing and saying and help him fill in any lulls in the conversation.

2) 3-sets

In the case where you open a set with 3 girls, then you have a somewhat easier situation because the other two girls can hang out together once you isolate your target.

Early in the set, you need to win over the other two girls and you need your target to show that she’s into you so that her friends don’t mind to leave her with you for at least some time.

Once you get level 2 isolation then you need to keep an eye on the friends.  It’s typical that in the first 5-minutes or so they will be totally cool with you talking to their friend, but as time goes on, they’ll start to glance over at you more often and move closer to you.

You need to pay attention to this so that you’re not surprised when they finally make a move to join your conversation or to pull your girl away.

If you notice them getting antsy, looking bored and like they want their friend back, the best thing you can do is to lead by bringing your girl back to them.  This makes you out to be a good considerate guy and makes it easier to isolate her more later.

At this point, you have the choice to eject from the set with the idea to find them later OR to take them to the dance floor, or to the bar to get drinks.  I think that it’s often better to eject because almost invariably there will be some point where the girls will want to all go off to the bathroom or something to have a chat, but I think you need to make this call based on how much the set seems to like you and how much compliance they’re giving you.

Later in the night, you can re-engage and go for higher isolation levels with your target, especially if the obstacles have had a chance to find guys they like to hang out with.

3) 2-sets

If you approach a 2-set you may not be  able to isolate.  You’ll open the set as usual, and hook both girls.  However instead of moving into level one isolation by bringing in a wing as you would normally do you will ask the obstacle qualifying questions about the target.

The set should run where you’re primarily talking TO THE OBSTACLE but the topic is about the target.  Especially anything you can qualify the target on that the obstacle doesn’t match are great topics so it starts to seem like it makes a lot of sense for you to be with the target.

If you do this right, the obstacle will start to tell you how great the target is and will try to help her “get” you.  You should kino both, but kino the target more.

Usually, if you’re running this well, the obstacle will go to the bathroom or leave you alone with the target for a while.  This is a great time to throw statements of interest (SOIs) at the target directly and to time-bridge and number/qr/chat ID close.

If possible, you can introduce guys into the set and throw them at the obstacle and this can sometimes work.  In this case, you’ll usually need to direct the set the same way that I mentioned in the first part of this article.  Often times, though, the guys won’t be able to handle it an will eject prematurely.

If that’s the case, it’s not big deal as you can proceed to bounce the set to another venue and ultimately put the obstacle in a taxi or drop her off at the train station.

If they live close together and want to travel together, you can alternatively bounce them both back to your place or other closing location.  Once you have them back at the closing location, the obstacle will often “sleep” and basically leave you alone with the target for the close.

Kane has even had the obstacle in the same bed and I once took a girl to her bathroom while 2 of her friends were passed out in her one room place.

Let me know if you have any questions about anything I’ve written above because this can be complex.

RedpoleQ’s Asia Hang Suite – Session 18

I sat down with McConnell, our resident fashion consultant and web maestro to talk about texting and two videos about dating in Korea:

  • Why we hate dogs–and the girls who love them
  • You should try for girls that are “out of your league” and here’s why
  • Proof that Asian girls don’t care about money!
  • Ever wonder why she’s with that loser?
  • Should a girl sleep with you on the first date?
  • What messaging apps do you need to use if you want to be successful with Asian women?
  • How often you should you text and what kind of messages should you send
  • and a whole lot more…

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40 vs 1 Finding My Ideal Type Offline (Male Version)

When Beauty Fades

Survivorship Bias

Jim Rohn on the Law of Averages

“I make up in numbers what I lack in skill.”

The Text Messaging Mastery Seminar

Text Messaging Mastery Seminar

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Step 1 to Being a Beginner Sociopath

What holds people back in the path to being a sociopath in the Gervais Principle sense, is their desire to be a “good person”.  This usually means that other people like them. And if you want people to like you, you won’t be able to focus on real gains.
(Unless of course, you’re playing at that higher level where people liking you is a tool to get what you really want. )
But in most cases, people are held back by their desire to be liked. They may lose the negotiation but they take comfort in the fact that people like them. And it’s true. It’s easy for everyone to like the loser. They can look down on them and feel pity–and even better feel a sense of superiority.
So what’s not to like?
If you’re like me though, the sight of a loser just reminds you of how low a human can go and you recognize the same ineffective, destructive characteristics in yourself so that the loser is a constant reminder of what might happen to you if I don’t make the hard choices.
I was thinking about this last night because one of my clients was on a date with a girl.  He’s known her from about 4 years ago but because she lives in Taiwan and he lives in San Diego, he hasn’t been able to meet her even though they’ve kept in touch over Facebook all this time.
He’s leaving  in only two days and even though he’s been trying to schedule her for the past week, he wasn’t able to until  last night when he invited her out for drinks.  After drinks he brought her back to our place where he’s staying in the extra bedroom and tried to “make a move”.

She was pretty unreceptive and started looking for an uber soon after.  Lols!

We assured him that this is not unusual and that he learned the most important thing…that she wasn’t interested in sex with him.
Many guys would feel bad about that.  Those same guys will be angry when she chooses to be with some “asshole” instead of them after taking a girl on date after date after date for months and being the nice respectful gentlemen .
These guys, are more concerned with feeling good about themselves and be liked than with getting what they want.  And because of that, they often forfeit what they want.  Many times, in the dating and pickup space, people tell you to not care what other people think.
That’s a pretty high hurdle in my opinion, so I think that step one is making this shift from wanting to be liked to focusing on getting what you want.  it’s not as hard as it may seem.  Because in the moment of decision, you can think, “what do I want, and what can I do to get it.”
Women might read it and cry, “rape!” but the fact is that guys have, across agricultural societies and into modern times, been the ones who chase.
And that means showing intent.
That’s quite a bit different from force.  Showing intent is going to try to kiss a girl and pausing a few centimeters from her face so she has the option to turn her head away or lean away before it actually happens and that’s very different from grabbing a girl’s head and forcing her lips onto yours.
Totally different.
Because if you don’t show intent, other people won’t even know what you want and that robs them of the ability to give it to you.  There is that scene in the movie Fight Club that illustrates this perfectly:
There are a lot of ways to ask and some of them are better than others, but a lot of guys when they are on a date are like the Ed Norton in that scene.  Hoping the girl is going to get the hint and throw themselves at him.
It happens so rarely, it’s not even worth discussing.  And it’s best to assume it never happens because that will drive you toward right action–action that will get you the results you want–on a consistent basis.
The goal of learning pickup and dating skills is the same as memorizing the percentages of each hand in poker.  If you know the precentages then you can make the right decisions based on the probability of each hand winning.
If you want to be liked, you’ll miss out on some of your best plays.

RedpoleQ’s Asia Hang Suite – Session 17

I sat down with McConnell, our resident fashion consultant and web maestro and Mr. Right, a long time friend on the international playboy scene. Picking up where we left off last time, we finally got down to discussing the pros and cons of day game vs night game as well as:

  • Japanese house wives gone wild!
  • No wingman, no problem–how to go out clubbing alone
  • Alcohol free dating–you don’t need it
  • Living in Bangkok isn’t all fun and…what you need to know before moving there
  • First time in Asia? Start here!
  • How to get 9s and 10s in Asia
  • and a whole lot more…


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See some great outfits you can emulate at:

Seoul Fashion Seminar 2017

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Living and Working in Bangkok Article (long read)

Living and Working in Bangkok

“I’m Not Dead” – Monty Python and the Holy Grail

The All Japan Pussy Licking Contest 2016

And you can hear all the dirty dog details from when I went to see it in Session 10 of the Asia Hang Suite

And if you want to really learn how to approach and finally date the Asian girls YOU WANT, join the Entourage Remote Mentor Program where I teach you everything I’ve learned over the past 15 years about how to meet Asian girls anywhere, get them on dates, and wanting more from you!

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John Boyd, I Presume?

John BoydAbout 2 or 3 years ago, I started listening to the Hardcore History podcast which I HIGHLY recommend.  Anyway, he did an awesome series on World War I which is something I never really studied that much as I’m far more intersted in eye-to-eye death battles, lols.

Anyway, after getting into Hardcore History, I told a friend of mine about it and he passed a book about World War II to me that was translated from German and talked about the details of the initial offensive on France in excruciatingly interesting detail including lots of info about tank specs(cannon types, crew sizes, armor thickness, size and range, etc).

In the book, he goes into detail explaining why the blitzkrieg tactics were possible and why it only worked on that offensive BEFORE it was an actual official military doctrine.  It talks in even more detail about the fact that the structure of the German military allowed for decisions to take place much lower in ranks without needing approval from the higher ups in as was necessary in the French and British armies and this meant they had a much faster operational tempo and that’s what led to the blitzkrieg.  It was a result of the force structure and not the other way around.

The author also mentions that the seeds of this force structure were set at the end of WWI with German storm trooper tactics.  Very briefly those tactics were basically about small units trying to advance against enemy positions probing for weaknesses as they advanced and exploiting any vulnerabilities they found.  The unit commanders had to be in charge of this because it was so fluid that there wasn’t enough time to communicate back to the higher tier commanders.

This very organic style of warfare was implemented throughout a large enough part of the German WWII army that they could have an effect on the overall tempo of the operation against the French.

In any case, that same friend, then suggested I read a biography of John Boyd an air force fighter pilot and military strategist who created and worked to proliferate his concept of the O-O-D-A loop.

Here it is:

Now you don’t need to spend too much time looking at that.  I’ll just cover some of the basics as I see them.


Observe means that you need to take in your environment and collect information

Orient means that you use that information to figure out your current situation

Decide means that you then choose a course of action

Act means that you execute that decision

The key thing to understand is that it’s a loop so that after you act, you go back to observing and run through it again and the faster you can do this the more control over the overall engagement you’ll have.

I can think of a great example from when I took martial arts…

During my red sash test, I was sparring with my fellow test taker and he was a very experienced boxer.  He noticed that every time, he threw a jab, I would duck my head with my hands down (observe), then he realized that I was open at that point and he could easily get me with a kick (orient) which he then decided to do (decide) and then he executed that (act) by jabbing and waiting for me to duck my head with my hands down and WHAM!  His foot came up and and knocked me “the fuck out!”

So, I read this quite a long time ago, and looked into the O-O-D-A loop a bit, but didn’t see much practical application for it.  But then, that damn loop popped up again in my more recent reading.  I’ve been preparing for the story telling seminar since the end of last year and step one of preparing for any seminar I do is to pull ALL the resources I can think of that are related.  Usually what happens though is that I gradually end up pulling weirder and more disconnected material and then somehow find a way that it all fits together.

This time is no different…I started with Joseph Campbell’s PBS special The Power of Myth (where else would you start, right?), moved on to various TED talks that I’d watched and noted and somehow ended up finding some connection to a series of articles I read a few years ago on called The Gervais Principle.

In the previous blog post I mentioned this and his discussion of psychopaths/sociopaths.  And this time due to some of the things that I learned while putting together the Relationship Seminar, I thought it was worth pursuing his line of thought more deeply so I read his book, Be Slightly Evil, which was an incredibly interesting read.  In it, he talks about dealing with conflict and John Boyd makes a small appearance in that book.

He also alludes to his other book, Tempo, which is (supposed to be) focused on conflict and tactics.  And in that book, he talks about another book called, Certain to Win, which I just finished reading yesterday.  Certain to Win is about applying Boyd’s concepts and the O-O-D-A loop to business.

 But as I was reading it, I started to see a lot of applications in dating…now bear with me because people already think that the world of dating is perilous enough without bringing military tactics into it, but, oh well.  What can you do?

In season 1 of True Detectives, Marty was constantly counsels Rust to follow where the evidence takes you, not where you want it to go and I try to do the same.  So here we go…

My linking the two also has a lot to do with a recent dating(?) experience I’ve been embroiled in in various ways over the past 6 months or so, and the experience of the dating world in Taiwan in general which is far more conflict ridden than what I’ve experienced in Japan, Korea, and China though it’s possible that Hong Kong may have a somewhat similar dynamic.

I see several ways where Boyd’s principles apply to dating and actually to human interaction in general…

The O-O-D-A loop in a conversation works as the two people (in this example) talk.  Each is saying and doing things and the other person is reacting and responding to it.  Now, this could be collaborative, but in most dating situations, and many business situations, it’s not just idle chatter, but purposeful chatter where each participant has particular goals in mind as they are interacting.

 Like with most negotiations, it’s not purely adversarial.  It’s largely cooperative, but there is an adversarial element to it.
In my explanation, I’ll stick with dating because that’s more my bag (baby!).  And I’ll start with the initial approach as I teach it.

Before I get into it, I want to point out that the seeds of the O-O-D-A loop (from now on, I’m going to call it The Loop for short because I’m tired of finding the hyphen key) was developed originally from Boyd’s experience as a fighter pilot.  He got the nickname “40-second Boyd” not from his wife (as far as we know, lols) but for his standing bet that he could defeat any other fighter pilot in under 40-seconds no matter what relative position he started out in.

I think most people while they wouldn’t want to think of dating as a jet fighter dog fight can easily see the parallels.  Things are moving very quickly, there is a lot going on and you may not catch everything but you can’t dwell on it because you need to move forward or risk really looking slow and dull so you don’t get “shot down”.

In the earliest days of the world of pickup, the movie Top Gun was iconic enough that in a certain respect rolling out The Loop kind of makes a lot of sense.  Anyway I’m  not going to justify this any further and would rather just get to the important part about discussing how this all works…

As a girl recently said to me when I threw an unexpected question out at her over coffee, “Are we really doing this?”  “Yes, ma’am, we are.”


Before making an approach, every guy should assess the situation he’s going into.  Is she alone, is she with friends, is she waiting for someone, is she on the phone?  How many people is she with? How many guys and how many girls?  Is she having a serious conversation or is she relaxed and casual?

How is she facing, relative to you and how are all the other people positioned?  Is there another guy checking out the same opportunity you are?  What is she wearing—is she dressed casually, is she wearing work clothes, is she wearing gym cloths or something else?  Is she dressed for the location and venue or does her outfit seem out of place?  There are millions of valuable details that you could collect to help you assess the situation that you’re about to walk into.

In the criminal world, this is called “casing the target,” among law enforcement, it’s called, surveillance.


This is where you combine what you’re seeing in front of you with your previous experience, and accumulated knowledge to figure out what’s going on.  It’s where you take the information about what she’s wearing, who she’s with, her body language, her clothing, etc to get your best understanding of the situation.

Let’s assume that you’re in a major city like Tokyo, Seoul, Hong Kong, or Shanghai for example and your at a downtown bar in the business area of the city around 7pm.

You spot two women in their mid-20s sitting together at the bar, one wearing a business suit and the other wearing work out clothes.

Just from this information you could come up with a few different possibilities.  For example, you might think that the girl in the business suit is an insurance salesman and the girl in the work out clothes is a prospect she’s doing a sales call with.

Or maybe the girl in the workout clothes is a personal trainer trying to sign up the office worker as a client or trying to sell her on Amway or Nuskin.

While both of these are possible, and it’s also possible that they are co-workers and the workout girl finished sooner, it’s more likely that these are two friends meeting up after work, but the friend in the workout clothes finishes work earlier and could go to the gym before coming out to meet her friend for a drink.

If you observed that they were sitting at the bar with people sitting on both sides of them, you might come up with several options for approaching them.  Maybe it would be better to wait until there is a free seat next to them, or until one of the friends goes to the bathroom.  Alternatively maybe there is space along the bar between them and the next seats over where you could position yourself.

If you observed that they’re talking very enthusiastically versus if they’re very casually checking their phones with brief exchanges, you might conclude that whatever they are more or less open to the opportunity of talking to someone else.


If you’re experienced with approaching women, you might already know how you’ve approached in similar situations in the past and then you could decide whether you want to approach, and exactly how you would do it.

Using what you Observe to Orient, you then use your past experience go through all the possible ways you could start the interaction and Decide which you think has the highest probability of success.

You could also run through the possible things you could say to start the conversation and maybe what you will follow up with depending on how you think they will respond.

When you’re new at this and you don’t have as much experience you wont make as good decisions and it will take you longer to Decide.  But once you have a lot more reference experience you don’t need to Decide because it’s “implicit” in the situation, much like how when you get ready for bed, you don’t need to Decide to brush your teeth.

In The Loop diagram, you’ll see that in the line running directly from Orient to Act that’s labeled, “implicit guidance and control”

Also note how under Decide it says, hypothesis, in parenthesis.  This means that you have a hypothesis about your situation as in our example where you think that they are friends out for a drink based on how you used what you Observe to Orient.

You Decide based on the hypothesis you built based on your past experience and that’s why there is an element of probability that I mentioned when considering the various possible ways you could Orient according to what you Observe.

Once you Decide, it’s time to…


The key thing to understand about this part is that it feeds directly back into the Observe stage.  Because when you Act, there will be a response.  In this case, to approach, you’ll need to start walking in their direction.

Putting It All Together

As you walk towards them, they may notice you.  If they notice you, you then have to Decide if you’re going to engage them at that point, or if you’re going to wait until you get closer.  So, you see, you’re already going through another Observe-Orient-Decide-Act cycle.

So, one of them may look up at you from her phone as you get closer to them attempting to take a space next to one of them.  When she looks up, you may Observe exactly how she looks at you.  In the Orient stage, you’ll Decide if she’s just looking up randomly, and happens to see you, or if she is acknowledging you, or even if she is hostile to your presence.

If she’s acknowledging you, you may Decide to approach her directly.  If you think she’s hostile then you may Decide to approach the bar and check out the menu to give you more time to Observe and Orient.

Also, if you Decide to open after she acknowledges you, you are operating under the hypothesis that she will be receptive.  That’s the hypothesis that causes you to make that decision.  When you Act, you “test” that hypothesis and then you Observe the results of that “test” and the Orient accordingly.

This recursive element of The Loop is one of the most powerful aspects of it because it includes the effect your actions have on the results you get, which means that you can gradually shape the interaction as you cycle through The Loop.

In my training I often say that “pickup is a continuous testing process” because you never really know the situation until you Act and Observe the “feedback” and the “unfolding interaction with the environment”.

As a simpler example, I was at the club a few weeks ago at a railing looking over the dance floor.  I turned around and saw a girl who looked like she was looking in my direction and had just finished taking a picture (Observe).

I wasn’t sure if she was taking a picture of me, or if she was taking a picture of the club and I happened to be in it, or what (Orient).  So, I posed a bit (Decision and Act) when she went to take another and I got no reaction from her (Observe).  So then, I assumed that she was taking a picture of what was beyond me (Orient).

I wanted to know what so I turned around to see if there was anything unusual (Decide and Act).  And I noticed at table of guys and girls (Observe) and I looked at her face again and noticed that she looked angry (Observe) and thought that she saw some guy, maybe her boyfriend with another girl, (Orient) and kept watching to see what would happen (Decide, Act, Observe, Orient…) and in the end I did see her and some guy having an argument right in the middle of the club.

The Loop is so useful for troubleshooting your life because you can always look back at each part and start to figure out where you made mistakes in the past and figure out how to make better moves in the future.

Did you fail to Observe information that could have helped you Orient better?  Did you Observe the right information but then you Oriented badly?  Did you Orient well, but you made the wrong Decision?  When you made your Decision did you fail to Act properly or too slowly, or sloppily?

Typically with guys that aren’t good with women, they may not Observe well enough to notice the women that they could be engaging with.  If they do Observe them, they frequently fail to Orient well and don’t see the positive signals that allow them to have build a hypothesis that says that they have a chance with a girl, so they Decide not to do anything and then they Act by not trying and then they Observe that nothing happens and then Orient to think they don’t have a chance and it continues like that ceaselessly.

When you break down The Loop you can take each of the stages and the pieces of each stage to find The Loops that work in your favor and discard the old Loops that are keeping you where you are.

In another article, I’ll talk about how your Loop interacts with a girl’s Loop during the process, because that’s where it really gets interesting.

RedpoleQ’s Asia Hang Suite – Session 4

I sat down with the USUAL SUSPECTS, McConnell, our resident fashion consultant and web maestro; and Golden Fox, at our crib. This time we talked about all sorts of cool things including:

  • How to handle her concern that you’re going back to your own country
  • Do you need to last a long time to sexually satisfy her?
  • Find out some sexual differences between Asians and Westerners
  • How to treat a woman after the sex is over so she comes back for seconds, thirds and beyond
  • and a whole lot more…

And if you want to really learn more about making sex an awesome experience for her so she keeps coming back for more, check out my Ultimate Sex Guide where you will learn how to give women unlimited orgasms and turn them into the porn star you want!

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The Art of Seduction

Get this MUST READ classic by Robert Greene.


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2015-12-07 13.40.55

RedpoleQ’s Asia Hang Suite – Session 3

I sat down with the USUAL SUSPECTS, McConnell, our resident fashion consultant and web maestro; and Golden Fox, at our crib. This time we talked about all sorts of cool things including:

  • How to maintain relationships with Asian girls while traveling
  • Does having sex quickly ruin your chances of having a real relationship?
  • Why Asian girls flake and how to handle it
  • How to deal with getting jealous
  • The foundation for stable relationships
  • and a whole lot more…

Mentioned in This Episode:

Sex at Dawn

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48 Laws of Power

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RedpoleQ’s Asia Hang Suite – Session 2

This time, I sat down with McConnell, our resident fashion consultant and web maestro; Golden Fox; and Evan aka Socrates who worked with me to to found Asia Dating Experts, at our crib. This time we talked about all sorts of cool things including:

  • Golden Fox talks about his text messaging disaster—don’t make this mistake!
  • Why you shouldn’t go to Thailand
  • Does race and ethnicity matter in dating Asia?
  • How to get girls that are out of your league
  • How to win at life
  • How to stimulate the inner vagina
  • and a whole lot more…

Internal Vaginal Stimulation Diagrams

Vaginal Model
Arrow points at PFE
Notes the location of the AFE and the PFE
Large penis NOT required!

(click on the images to open the full size in a new window)

NOTE: The three diagrams above illustrate the location of the AFE and PFE as discussed in the podcast. As also mentioned in the podcast it NOT TRUE that you need a huge penis to stimulate the AFE and the PFE. An average size penis will certainly do, and even a small penis in certain positions.

And if you want to really learn these techniques and a whole lot more, you can check out my Ultimate Sex Guide where you will learn how to give women unlimited orgasms and have them begging for more.

If you have a question that you want us to answer, scroll down to the bottom of this page, type it in and we’ll get to it in a future episode. And now I’ll kick you over to the video I mentioned in the recording…

Alexyss K. Tylor on Penis Power!

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