RedpoleQ’s Asia Hang Suite – Session 16

I sat down with McConnell, our resident fashion consultant and web maestro for a looooooong overdue chat where we answer a bunch of questions that have been sent in by listeners recently. In this session, you’ll learn:

  • how to get girls sexually excited at the right time–get this wrong and your horny girl will go home with someone else
  • the right way to show interest in Asian women and answer if you can show sexual interest
  • how to give women a squirting orgasm
  • how to keep a good reputation at work while still meeting women if you go out with co-workers
  • tips on working with an inexperienced “wingman”
  • our dating coach/PUA all star lineup
  • how to re-engage a girl on a different social network who has deleted you on a different social network
  • why you need to make it clear to women that you’re interested in more than just sex
  • why waiting for signals from Asian women is a losers game
  • and a whole lot more…



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The Art and Science of Sex Seminar

The Art and Science of Sex Seminar

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