RedpoleQ’s Asia Hang Suite – Session 20

I sat down with McConnell, our resident fashion consultant and web maestro and SMOOOOOOVE, a special guest from the PickUp Asia Alumni crew to talk about what it means to be attractive and McConnell and I shared our Japanese sex club adventures (separate adventures, thank god!) PLUS:

  • how important is height? From a guy who is 168cm (5’6″)
  • the downsides of being an attractive guy–yes, there are downsides!
  • You don’t need excuses…you need to get out there and try
  • Sleeping Beauty–the adult Disney land, complete with costumes
  • How to introduce kink to your girlfriend without her flipping out
  • and a whole lot more…

Mentioned in This Episode:

King Kunta

Red Bull Table

Sleeping Beauty

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